stone crusher design

stone crusher design

Existing Stone crushers available in the market are designed for bigger sized stones and using same for crushing smaller sized stones is not an optimal solution. Presently for reducing sizes of stones from 4 X 4 to 1 X1 in quarries is laborious job and is done manually. So development of smaller sized crusher is today's requirement. | In this paper detailed design and analysis of proposed small size stone crusher mechanism is discussed. The basic idea is to optimize the design of the crusher which would be best suited for stone which need crushing force of 3 Tons.


Design of impact stone crusher machine

Crushers are one of the main equipment used for reducing size in metallurgical, mechanical, and other similar industries. They exist in various sizes and capacities which range from 30 tons/hr. to 1000 tons/hr. They can be classified based on the degree to which they can fragment the starting material and the way they apply forces. Based on the mechanism used crushers are basically of three types; namely, Cone crusher, Jaw crusher, and Impact Crusher. The main objective is to design impact stone crusher. Impact stone crusher involves the use of impact rather than pressure to crush materials. The material is held within a cage, with openings of the desired size at the bottom, end or at sides to allow crushed material to escape through them. Impact stone crusher is used with soft materials, medium to hard stones and medium hard metallic ores. The principles used for impact loading is the time for the natural frequency of the body is much greater than with the time for applying force on materials. Since the hammer is rotating at a very high speed, the time for which the particles come in contact with the hammer is very small, hence impact loading is applied. The shaft is considered to be subjected to torsion and bending. There are different sizes of aggregates in Ethiopia normally recognized as 01, 02, 03 and 04 are stored separately.

Stone Quarry Crushing Plant Design

Crushing plant is very important in stone quarry operations. A well designed stone quarrycrushing plant layout balances the capital and operating cost over mine life. Buildings, infrastructure, and main equipment, represent the major cost elements of a crushing plant.

The designer must prepare a layout that suits the design criteria, flow sheet and selected equipment in the most economical possible configuration. It’s important to keep structural costs down, to design for ease of maintenance and operation, and to combine best practices with advances in fabrication and erection. Input from an experienced mining plant structural engineer can be very helpful. To design a best stone quarry crushing plant, you’d better refer to a reliable stone crusher project report. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


Different Applications, Different Crusher System Designs

Companies that specialize in mining and aggregate rely on different kinds of crushing equipment to get their jobs done. Crushing is often done in circuits, and as 911 Metallurgist notes, the different types of crushers available can offer different advantages for your projects. By choosing the right crusher system for your operation, you can get the best results at your mining or aggregate production projects.

Crushing equipment is generally divided into two main categories: primary crushers and secondary crushers. Primary crushers are typically used to break large boulders and rocks down into smaller rocks, crushed stone and gravel. If this is something that your company excels in within the mining or construction industry, then you will likely need a primary crusher in your arsenal of heavy-duty equipment.

Secondary crushers are used to further refine products. This is common if your operation needs to reduce aggregate stone to a certain size for the purchaser or end user. Depending on the type of rock or ore being handled, this may require an open or closed circuit process where the materials that are still too large following a pass through the primary crusher are sorted out and put through secondary crushing – even tertiary crushing in some circumstances – before feeding back to the end of the refinement line.

Regardless of which type of crusher circuit design works best for your company, Rackers Equipment carries a wide selection of crushers from trusted names like Universal, Trio Telex, Pioneer and more. We would be more than happy to sit down with you and talk to you about your crushing needs and help you find the one machinery for your operations. 

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