SBM Raymond mill


In the powder processing industry, a wide range of milling equipment types. In recent years, in order to better meet the market development needs, SBM Heavy Industries to introduce advanced technology, combined with the basic needs of users, R & D and production of R-Raymond Mill come to the fore, as the majority of users friends more popular milling equipment. So, SBM Raymond Mill how, with what advantages?

1, R type Raymond mill in the processing of mineral ore milling, according to the user on the yield and fineness requirements, the design of different roller number. The basic principle of milling is to enter the material into the grinding chamber, delivered by the blade between the grinding roller ring, and then in the grinding roller gravity and a strong centrifugal force, the material tightly crushed in the roller mill Between the rings, and then the purpose of crushing and grinding materials.

2. The R-Raymond mill developed by SBM relies on its unique three-dimensional structure. It has the characteristics of small floor area and complete set of features in the whole milling production line, .

3, compared to other milling equipment, R-Raymond grinder polished ore material finished product powder more uniform fineness, grinding operations, the powder through the sieve rate of up to 99%, which is other milling equipment Hard to achieve. At the same time, SBMR Raymond mill grinding of materials in the milling, the fineness of the flexible adjustment between 80-325 heads.

4, in order to improve the performance of equipment, extend the service life of equipment, R-Raymond mill are the important components of high-quality steel, wear-resistant parts are high-performance wear-resistant materials, so that the wear resistance of the machine greatly improved, Ensure the safety and reliability of milling equipment operation. At the same time, R type Raymond mill transmission with sealed gear box and pulley, with a smooth transmission, reliable operation.

5, R type Raymond mill electrical system using centralized control, the basic can achieve unmanned milling workshop, and easy maintenance, quick operation. In addition, R-type Raymond mill dust removal system to do a bag to strengthen, to achieve the maximum dust control, so that environmental protection fully meet the national emission standards of dust.

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