Raymond mill start slow speed reasons


Milling equipment is a variety of mining processing and building life of the more common application of equipment, but also the powder processing industry indispensable equipment. Raymond mill as one of the commonly used, for people's production has brought great help. However, during our use of the Raymond Mill there is sometimes a slower start-up condition. Here, SBM Heavy Xiaobian for everyone to analyze Raymond Mill slow start reason.

1, in the milling production line, if the motor power is not enough, it will easily lead to the motor due to the voltage power is not enough to drive the Raymond mill normal operation, thereby extending the start-up time of the equipment, and even cause Raymond mill can not The startup situation occurred.

2, Raymond mill start-up speed is largely affected by the current, if we Raymond mill start-up process, the current instability can easily lead to contactor, circuit and motor burn, which is right Equipment will bring a great impact. If this is a long time, but also shorten the life of Raymond mill.

3, in order to prevent Raymond mill start problems, we must pay attention to the correct start sequence and method. For example, before starting the Raymond mill, check the tightness of all the access doors and observe if there is any residual material inside the grinding chamber of the equipment, and make adjustments to the fan and the host steering.

4, in order to ensure the normal start Raymond mill, we also need to check the exhaust valve of the equipment to ensure that it is fully open state, and make every bolt and screw fastening. Then, in the absence of any abnormalities, start the machine one by one according to the sequence of starting the hoist-breaker-analyzer-host-feeder.

In short, if we can not start Raymond mill normally, it will cause great damage to the equipment, not only affect the smooth and efficient milling operations, but also shorten the service life of equipment.

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