Raymond mill purchase should pay attention to what issues


Raymond mill plays an important role in ore crushing and processing and is an indispensable part of industrial production. So, what problems should we pay attention to when choosing the Raymond mill?

1, the type of equipment. At present, with the continuous development of milling technology, Raymond mill types are also varied. For different types of Raymond Mill to adapt to the scope of the material there are some differences. So, when we buy Raymond mill, according to the basic characteristics of the material being milled, choose the appropriate Raymond mill type.

2, Raymond Mill processing capacity. Here, the processing capacity refers to the total amount of material that can be processed by the Raymond mill per hour or every day. In general, the greater the capacity of the equipment, the greater the production capacity. Under normal circumstances, Raymond mill processing capacity, the user's total production efficiency will be better. Therefore, the user at the time of purchase, we must ensure that equipment throughput to meet the expected production yield requirements.

3, Raymond machine discharge fineness. The relationship between the level of the fineness of the material The quality of the finished powder, different users in the material grinding process, due to the use of different materials, the fineness of the finished product is also different requirements, and different specifications of the Raymond Mill Machine also has a different discharge fineness. So, when we buy the Raymond mill, we need to get a clear understanding of the fineness of the material discharged.

4, Raymond mill quality. No matter what kind of machinery and equipment we buy, quality will always be the first one. Here, SBM recommends that users friends, to choose a good brand reputation, comprehensive strength of the manufacturers, such equipment purchased only with higher quality and more advanced production technology. And, for the user in the future of milling production to provide a more perfect after-sales service.

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