Raymond mill needs what kind of lubricant


Any machinery and equipment require a reasonable lubrication work, which is to ensure that components run flexible, extending the life of the equipment an important condition. However, the Raymond mill, what kind of lubricant is needed, how to add, the amount of each added have strict rules. Here, we brief you on this issue, I hope to be helpful to you.

1, due to the Raymond mill in the process of operation will have a higher temperature, when we choose the lubricating oil, we must pay attention to the thermal stability of lubricating oil and better oxidation resistance, so that can be well avoided Due to the temperature is too high and lead to failure of lubricating oil occurs.

2, Raymond mill material for the larger hardness, milling process is often accompanied by a large amount of dust. Therefore, when we buy lubricants, pay attention to better corrosion resistance and strong anti-emulsifying properties. At the same time, we choose the lubricant when contaminated, the performance requirements do not have much change, that is less susceptible to pollution.

3, when we add to the Raymond Mill lubricants, pay attention to the appropriateness of the amount added, it is best to do regular quantitative. If too much oil is added at one time, it is likely to cause the Lemon mill to leak oil, while if it is too small, the equipment can not be well protected.

4, for processing flammable Raymond mill, we should pay more attention in the purchase of lubricating oil, to avoid running the equipment in the oil fire, to ensure its strong fire resistance to ensure that the mill The safe operation of the powder, be careful not to use flammable mineral oil.

Finally, in addition to pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment in addition to the European version of mill lubricant, but also to make good lubrication of parts sealing measures to prevent impurities from entering the parts to make damage.

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