Raymond mill equipment powder unusual solution


Raymond grinding equipment for grinding of stone, there are finished products too thick, too thin or uneven thickness of the situation is also occur from time to time, these are known as the phenomenon of abnormal discharge. Below, we come to understand Raymond mill out of material abnormal solution.

1, if in Raymond Mill flour production, lock powder seal did not do bit, it will constitute the phenomenon of powder suction down, so there is no powder or powder less condition. At this time, we have to check the powder seal seal, and adjust the degree of its seal.

2, when the Raymond grinding process of grinding stone, the analyzer is responsible for the screening of powder important task. When the fineness of the powder after grinding does not meet the production requirements, it will be returned to the grinding chamber to reground. So, if the equipment running time is extended, the analysis of the blade wear serious, can not play a better analytical results, which will lead to powder abnormal consequences. For this situation, we just need to change a new blade.

3, the fan in Raymond grinding operation, play an irreplaceable role. When the stone milling process, if the fan of the air volume is too large, it will lead to grinding unqualified powder was blown out prematurely, resulting in too coarse powder. If the fan of the air flow is too small, not only too fine powder, but also easy to make fine powder deposited in the air duct, the passage of time the formation of air duct blockage. So, if there is Raymond mill powder abnormalities, it is necessary to check whether the adjustment of the fan air volume is appropriate.

4, of course, with the milling operation for a long time, the blade, grinding roller rings and other materials in direct contact with the parts, there will be different degrees of wear and tear. Once these wearing parts wear seriously, it will greatly affect the milling effect of the equipment, and even showed the unusual consequences of powder. Therefore, it is very important that Raymond wear consumables be regularly inspected, and if it is found that the parts are worn seriously, it is necessary to carry out timely replacement.

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