Raymond mill can handle industrial waste it


With the constant development of the economy, the amount of industrial waste residue has also increased substantially each year. The existence of these industrial waste, not only affects the city appearance, causing great environmental pollution, but also form a great waste of resources. In recent years, the industrial waste residue after crushing re-use, a more appropriate approach. So, Raymond Mill can handle industrial waste it? Raymond mill powder processing operations as a common equipment for a variety of larger hardness of the stone has a good grinding effect. It is achieved by rolling the grinding ring on the material and can finely adjust the fineness of the finished powder according to different fineness requirements. Industrial waste after using Raymond mill processing, can be widely used in the production of building materials.

At the same time, the size and variety of Raymond mill varied, which determines the wide range of equipment. Industrial slag in the use of Raymond mill grinding production, according to the different raw materials hardness, particle size, humidity characteristics, user output, fineness requirements, select the appropriate Raymond mill models to better meet the production needs. In general, the fineness of industrial waste produced in concrete is about 100 mesh, while the fineness of polished product of Raymond mill is between 80-325 mesh, which can well meet the production demand. Therefore, after Raymond mill processing of industrial slag, can be better applied to the production of concrete, to bring greater economic benefits to users.

In addition, Raymond mill addition can be applied to the processing of industrial waste, but also for Mohs hardness of not more than 9.3, the humidity below 6% dolomite, limestone, barite and other rock materials for grinding Processing production, ore grinding is the best choice.

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