Raymond mill anchor bolt deviation how to do


Raymond mill is an important equipment in the ore milling production line, which is favored by the majority of users with high milling efficiency, small dust pollution, good performance technology and other advantages. However, in the process of Raymond mill, sometimes there will be deviation of the anchor bolts, which largely affect the smooth progress of the milling operation. So, what causes Raymond mill anchor bolt deviation occurs, in which case we how to solve it?

First of all, when we install the raymond mill, improper operation may cause the equipment to have a deviation of the anchor bolt. We must pay attention to this kind of trouble, and deal with it promptly as soon as it is found, because it will probably affect the normal operation of Raymond mill production line and even cause great damage to the equipment itself. Therefore, the correct installation procedure is an important way to prevent the deviation of the anchor bolts of the Raymond mill.

Second, if the user is installing Raymond mill, the height of the anchor bolts too high, it is easy to lead to equipment deviation error. In this case, we can take part of the cut, and use the tap to add a thread to deal with. On the other hand, if the deviation due to the underestimation of the anchor bolt is too low, the bolt may be burned red with the oxyethylene-B flame and two pieces of steel welded to both sides of the reduced-diameter part after stretching, The reinforcement of the welding method of treatment.

Third, during our installation of the Raymond mill, improper handling of the nut can also cause a failure of the anchor bolt. For example, the nut tightening process, due to excessive force, or poor installation caused by the impact of vibration, resulting in Raymond Mill anchor bolts deviation error. At this time, the user can hammer the concrete of the anchor bolt of the Raymond mill to chisel, and weld two U-shaped steel bars on the screw to make up the concrete afterwards. This treatment method can solve the mine The problem of deviation of the anchor bolts of the mill.

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