Portable Jaw Crusher Plant

portable primary jaw crusher

The raw gravel or stone need to be primarily crushed and screened, and then industrial Mobile Jaw Crusher and gravel are washed to remove unwanted dust and debris, and then screened and classified again. The Mobile Jaw Crusher (now containing 25 to 30 percent moisture) or gravel then goes to a Mobile Jaw Crusher washing machine that removes surface stains. The scrubbed Mobile Jaw Crusher or gravel is diluted with water to 25 to 30 percent solids and is pumped to a set of cyclones for further des. The material is then dried in rotary or fluidized bed dryers to a moisture content of less than 0.5 percent. The dryers generally are fired with natural gas or oil, although other fuels such as propane or diesel also may be used. SBM provides high quality Mobile Jaw Crusher for sale,manufacturers,suppliers.


design features of portable jaw crusher

1.Unique design produces the highest crushing overall performance

2.Consistent effectiveness that accepts feed variation and delivers a uniform item

3.Hydraulic controls manage the setting while achieving high reduction ratios

4.Effective use of crushing energy makes the entire mining operation more profitable

5.Created to run at various speeds and cavity combinations to meet a diverse variety of requirements

6.Hydraulic cavity clearing and effortless setting adjustment

7.Simple maintenance and liner alternative

portable crusher plant supplier

SBM can be a global supplier and manufacturer of Tracked Mobile Crusher for sale,manufacturers,suppliers. Currently complete sets of mining equipment for sale including crushing, grinding, sand making and beneficiation plants. Our Tracked Mobile Crusher processing plants include jaw crusher, impact crusher, mobile crusher, ball mill, flotation machine etc. Our mining machines are created in simple and robust structure, and with the great things about best quality, low energy cost, easy operation and maintenance. We target substantial development on long term, and earn effort in developing new technology. The newly developed mobile crushing plant is ideal for flexible crushing requirements. In case you are interested, please call us, we¡¯ll give you professional and considerate service.

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