Analysis of Common Problems in Operation of High Pressure Mill


As summer temperatures become higher and higher, high pressure mills are also more susceptible to a variety of problems during operation. Once the high-pressure milling machine failure, or light or heavy will affect the normal milling operations. Here, we have a simple summary of the common problems in the operation of high pressure milling machine.

1, the host started slowly. When we use high-pressure milling machine, if the host slow start, it will lead to inefficient milling of the equipment, affecting the overall production plan. The main reasons for this situation are supporting motor power is not enough, or voltage instability.

Solution: Check whether the motor meets the high-pressure mill power size, if not appropriate to promptly replace the motor. At the same time do a good job of checking the power lines, setting a stable voltage device.

2, mill host grinding room card material. Raymond Mill machine stuck in the normal state of grinding can not produce the situation, it will greatly affect the work efficiency of high-pressure milling machine. The reasons for the general presence of iron and other foreign matter into the material feed too much or feed is not equal.

Solution: The high-pressure mill feed strictly controlled, the equipment for uniform feeding, the material hardness control in the appropriate range.

3, high-pressure flour mill powder or less powder. Once the high-pressure mill flour less powder or not, it will increase the device's power consumption. The main reason for this situation is that the powder seal is not tight, the air duct is blocked or a serious air leak occurs.

Solution: To regular inspection of the state of the powder duster to clear the debris in the pipeline, the timely treatment of air leaks.

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