Cement Clinker Grinding Equipment Cost

SBM, one of the most famous and professional mining machine manufacturers around the world, has produced various of construction and mining machine for customers' different needs. Our Raymond mill machine can be used as the cement clinker grinding equipment. With high quality and low costs, the advanced equipment can bring high profits for the worldwide clients.

Cement clinker grinding equipment:

The Raymond roller mill system can be used as the cement clinker grinding equipment, which is developed to address the growing demand for limestone sorbent and solid fuel alternatives to coal requiring greater capacity mills. Pendulum style roller mills have a proven performance record for sorbent preparation as well as petroleum coke grinding. Our high quality and low cost machines will help the customers make high profits.



  • Efficient control of product size with minimal power resulting in cost-effective production.
  • Maximum flexibility and control over mill variables, delivering controlled product quality at minimum operating cost.

The Raymond roller mill, cement clinker grinding equipment, is an airswept vertical ring-roll mill with an integral classification system. A vertical shaft rotates a "spider" assembly of arms from which are suspended free-swinging journal assemblies with rolls attached. As the unit turns, centrifugal force drives the rolls against the inner surface of the vertical grinding ring. Plows, rotating with the assembly, lift feed material from the mill bottom and direct it between the rolls and the grinding ring where it is pulverized. Air enters from below the grinding ring and flows upward, carrying fines to the classifying section. The classifier sizes the pulverized materials and returns oversized particles to the grinding chamber for further processing.

The typical system is designed to dry, pulverize, classify and deliver a number of different types of materials. From a feed ranging in size from approximately 10-70mm (0.5-3.0 in.), the cement clinker grinding roller mill can produce particles ranging from coarse, granular to fine powders. The mill is most effective processing materials that are 5 or less on the Mohs scale of hardness.

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