Ultrafine mill

Ultrafine mill

Application: Calcium carbonate grinding processing, gypsum powder processing, power plant desulfurization, non-metallic mineral milling, pulverized coal preparation

Applicable materials: limestone, calcite, kaolin, calcium carbonate, dolomite, barite, feldspar, talc, gypsum stone, diabase, quartz stone, bentonite, coal, lime, etc.

Feed size: ≤ 20mm

Production capacity: 30-800kg / h

T130X strengthen ultrafine mill is based on a large number of domestic and foreign customer production line field research, based on the data for professional analysis and discussion, combined with the user's new functional requirements and effective advice, the original product - TGM over-pressure trapezoidal grinding powder Machine based on the innovative design of the new ultra-fine mill. This model inherits the structural characteristics of the original overpressure trapezoidal milling machine, but also formed its own unique characteristics and advantages, into the milling of the stone in the mine among users praised. T130X ultrafine mill mainly by the host, reducer, analysis machine, maintenance platform, fan, bypass set powder, electric control cabinet and other components.

The strengthened ultrafine grinding is suitable for the grinding processing of materials in the fields of metallurgy, building materials, chemical engineering and mining, etc., and can be used for grinding feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, rare earth, marble, ceramics, bauxite, Manganese, iron ore, copper, phosphate rock, red iron oxide, slag, water slag, activated carbon, dolomite, granite, yellow iron oxide, fly ash, bituminous coal, coking coal, lignite, Clay, kaolin, coke, gangue, china clay, kyanite, fluorite, bentonite, maifanite, rhyolite, muddy greenstone, pyrophyllite, leafstone, purple sandstone, Graphite, humidity below 6% of various non-flammable materials.

working principle of ultrafine mill

Large pieces of material crushed to the required size by the jaw crusher, the hoist will be sent to the material storage hopper, and then by the vibrating feeder will be uniform and quantitative feed continuously into the host mill grinding room, after grinding Powder with the fan air flow rise, classification by the analysis machine, in line with the fineness of the powder with the gas flow through the bypass into the bypass collector, the separation of collection, the powder is discharged through the valve finished powder. The airflow is sucked into the centrifugal blower by the return air duct at the upper end of the bypass dust collector, and the entire air flow system of the machine is a closed loop of negative pressure to ensure environmental hygiene at the production site.

Performance characteristics

In the body and base completely soft connection, no rigid contact: to avoid the grinding cavity vibration transmitted to the body, the analysis machine, improve the analysis accuracy.

Base with high strength, anti-vibration nodular cast iron: ductile iron with damping properties of cast iron, cast steel strength, and good impact resistance.

Made in Germany imitation Flanders reducer: full use of professional reducer manufacturers manufacturing technology advantages, improve machine stability. Speed ​​reducer and motor with a triangular belt transmission power, is conducive to overload protection.

Mainframe, reducer using elastic sleeve pin coupling: to avoid the past nylon pin fragile phenomenon, improve equipment reliability.

High-density analysis of the blade: Analysis of high-density blades can increase the selection of fineness and yield. Practice shows that in the case of constant speed, increasing the density of the blade can improve the fineness of the finished product. In other words, with the same fineness, the high-density impeller can rotate at a lower speed than the low-density impeller, reducing the airflow resistance and increasing the output. Impeller turntable with a new structure to avoid the "running coarse powder" phenomenon.

Analytical machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation: the use of frequency conversion speed ratio with electromagnetic speed control, speed control precision, process control, mobility, high degree of automation.

The use of bypass collector, bypass collector with dust isolation chamber: can make more dusty part of the gas through the bypass into the lower part of the cyclone to reduce dust escape through the exhaust port opportunities. Compared with the common collector, the bypass collector has the advantages of small pressure loss and high dust collection efficiency, and is particularly beneficial for collecting fine powder particles which are generally difficult to collect by the collector.

Equipment arrangement with the same resistance program: The same resistance arrangement to avoid the two different power output of the duster to improve the efficiency of the duster set powder, reducing the internal circulation and increase the mill output.

Set two powder outlet and precipitator outlet three in the same straight line layout: Set powder, dust collector outlet with a straight line to facilitate centralized collection of materials to reduce labor, easy to package.

Set maintenance platform: set maintenance platform, the mill maintenance more convenient and safe.

T130X strengthen the ultra-fine grinding installation instructions

  • 1. In order to ensure that the T130X ultra-fine grinding to enhance the production effect, the State Department of sales and customers have been in close contact with the timely solution to all problems in the production line. My company's experts for the machine's own characteristics and customer feedback, especially the following case countermeasures to ensure that T130X enhanced fine grinding advanced technology to be normal.
  • 2. The plant and foundation should be based on ultrafine grinding installation of the basic figure size should be sufficient height and installation location, ultrafine grinding base should be high cement and must be buried with steel can pouring foundation, and to be buried through the pipe or cable trench . After pouring the cement foundation, there must be a 15-day warranty.
  • 3.T130X strengthen the ultra-fine grinding operation site has not yet installed, it should be properly stored, exposed surface to be coated with anti-rust grease, and to avoid the sun and rain, to prevent body rusty water, to establish a maintenance system.
  • 4.T130X strengthen the ultrafine grinding From the factory to the use of time more than 5 to 6 months, the host axis system, transmission, roller device, the analysis of the oil tank should be cleaned, cleaning inspection should be completed after adding enough of the various components The lubricating oil
  • 5. Should be equipped with 2 to 3 tons of lifting tools for ultra-fine grinding installation and maintenance purposes.

ultrafine grinding of fly ash

Fly ash particle size and particle morphology determine its application performance, according to the physical and chemical properties of fly ash and the fineness of the finished product to select the appropriate fine grinding equipment, is to determine the economic value of grinding fine ash and processing costs an important part. Ultra-fine pulverized coal ash powder is high quality and high efficiency of the two basic means.

Fly ash is an industrial waste discharged from coal-fired power plants. Speaking from the phase, fly ash is a mixture of crystalline and non-crystalline minerals. From the particle morphology, the fly ash is usually divided into beads and slag particles two categories. For grinding, the traditional process is to produce fly ash cement by pulverizing fly ash or a mixture of coarse ash and cement clinker. This mixed grinding process due to the light weight of the fly ash, small particle size, the lining will form within the mill hinder the grinding body clinker impact and grinding capacity, the two parts of the powder will not be fully ground when the wind power Belt out of the mill, resulting in the activity of fly ash and cement quality have an impact.

In order to achieve high quality and high efficiency of fly ash, in line with the requirements of economic development of energy saving and environmental protection, ultrafine pulverizer developed by Shanghai SBM has become the key equipment of fly ash grinding technology. It can be said that its excellent performance directly Affect and improve the processing effect of fly ash and finished product quality. SCM series ultrafine grinding is the crystallization of Sweden's advanced technology and years of experience of our company. It can process non-flammable and brittle materials with Moh's hardness 9, such as coal, mica, talc, graphite, quartz Stone, fluorite, calcite, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, barite, potassium feldspar, coke, coal gangue, etc., are widely used in paint, paper, rubber, cosmetics and other industries.

The great advantage of the ultra-fine grinding of the state-state fly ash is that the grain size of the finished product is between 325-2500 meshes and the production capacity can be as high as 12 tons per hour. And because of its wear parts are made of special materials forged, stable performance equipment, low operating costs. In addition, the state strictly abide by the requirements of home green economy, the use of pulse dust collector and muffler in the ultrafine mill, truly environmentally friendly non-polluting operations.

Graphite powder production with ultra-fine grinding

Graphite is two kinds of mineral resources, is two kinds of crystalline carbon, iron color to dark gray, hardness 1.5, soft, creamy, belong to the conductor. Chemically inert, corrosion-resistant and acid, alkali reaction is not easy, because of its excellent performance is often used as anti-friction agents and lubricants, making crucibles, batteries, batteries, pencil lead.

In the second is the relatively large natural graphite products exports, but mostly exported graphite raw ore, deep drawing in the field of graphite is not covered. Non-renewable natural graphite resources continue to be lost in the export of primary products, while domestic enterprises need graphite import products at a price that is more than a hundredfold higher than the price of exported graphite. This is the status of my graphite development.

T130X series of ultra-fine grinding limestone

SBM Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing large-scale high-efficiency ultra-fine grinding mine machinery manufacturers, T130X series ultrafine grinding is my company launched the limestone mill main equipment, good to meet the customer 200-33μm (80- 425Mesh) production of fine powder needs. At present, the power plant and steelmaking coal desulfurization technology is mainly based on the chemical reaction function after limestone milling. The fineness of limestone powder is of great significance to the popularization of power plant desulfurization technology, and also has the structure and working performance of the ultrafine grinding Follow the high standard. We analyze the four treatment systems of the T130X series of ultrafine grinding to understand the more advanced limestone production process.

  • 1, feeding system
  • T130X series of ultrafine grinding feeding system is the main advantage of graded limestone limestone material from the mine into the silo, the conveyor belt after the uniform delivery there will be two grading process to ensure that the material size in line with the ultrafine grinding inlet size. The whole feeding system adopts interlocking device and centralized control, mechanized production mode not only reduces labor intensity, but also can greatly improve production efficiency.

  • 2, for the wind system
  • Circulating air flow is to ensure that T130X series of ultra-fine grinding uniform into the basic material, the fan placed on the 5 m platform, the duct from the kiln at the bottom of the kiln for continuous supply of air, calcined lime play a supporting role. At the same time, the air supply system can also accelerate the cooling of the limestone powder, accelerate the airflow exchange between the powder in the grinding chamber, ensure the water content of the limestone powder within the standard range in the two aspects, and save energy and reduce consumption in the other two aspects.

  • 3, the material system
  • T130X series of ultrafine mill discharge system installed a dust collector, can reduce the environmental pollution caused by limestone powder. The entire system of mechanical equipment chain, cross-put ash. By the composite grate guide, grate adjustment of the amount of lime deposition, reciprocating discharge two-way discharge into the hopper, the discharge system has a good structural sealing, the material does not leak material and so on.

  • 4, dust handling system
  • The dust in the milling line comes from the operation of materials, crushing and screening. For the strong adhesion of limestone powder, the state-of-the-art T130X series ultrafine grinding adopts the filter cartridge dust collector and insists on the two-pronged dust control method. Ultrafine grinding through the speed limit, shock absorption, headgear, soft curtain to reduce dust leakage, in the protection of the environment is not contaminated on the basis of transport costs can be reduced and increase production efficiency.

Effect of ultrafine grinding in kaolin grinding process

As a non-metallic industrial kaolin raw materials, high natural kaolin white, soft, with good plasticity and adhesion. It is widely used in papermaking, ceramics, rubber, paint, refractory materials, aerospace and other industries. The product has formed more than 10 series with more than 70 varieties and has great social value.

Grinding method is currently widely used in kaolin grinding process on the two methods, but it uses the mill and other ultra-fine grinding machine in the broken face or various shapes of grinding body and material for relative movement of the shear force will be The material is crushed and ground to a fine powder. Grinding method using open flow secondary grinding, this method appears "transitional crushing" phenomenon, but also crushing the coexistence of impurities, the impurity separation difficulties.

SBM Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd. relatively developed two new kaolin fine grinding process. Process experiments were applied to the polluting process in Poyang County, Liuyang County, Hengyang Jiepai, Guidong, Changde and other places in Hunan Province, all with satisfactory results.

Here the world state new kaolin ultrafine grinding process described below: Kaolin by hand, according to the classification, with a crusher coarse crushing 50mm or less, with crusher crusher crusher broken to 10mm Or so, into the ultrafine powder mill finely ground to 325 mesh -2500 mesh, then adjusted to 45% concentration slurry fully mixed, after five stripping machine grinding, to achieve more than 93% containing -2um particle size of the slurry . After the natural kaolin grinding process through ultra-fine grinding, the average particle size of about 20-50 microns, the use of fine-grained kaolin has great advantages, a wide range of uses.

Kaolin applications, the current paper industry is still relatively large kaolin consumer industry, and now the selection of kaolin far can not meet the needs of the paper industry; coatings industry will be large users of kaolin, coating kaolin powder can reduce the use of titanium The amount of white powder to improve its performance; kaolin ultrafine powder in the plastics industry is often used as a functional filler; in the rubber industry, kaolin powder can produce tires and light-colored rubber products, the market prospects.

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