Portable crusher plant

Portable crusher plant

Application areas: mines, coal mines, garbage and construction waste recycling, earth and stone works, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other operations

Applicable materials: Adaptation materials: Adaptation materials: river pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings

Feed size: ≤ 800mm

Production capacity: 30-800t / h

Portable crusher plant is mainly used for material processing that often needs to be relocated in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower, etc. According to the principle of crushing, the particle size of different output products is different and divided into many models. Portable crusher plants are widely used in many sectors such as mining, metallurgy, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. Especially for the highway, railways, hydropower projects and other mobile stone operations, the user can process the raw materials according to the type, size and finished product requirements of different materials using a variety of configurations. The current Portable crusher plant in our country is mostly applied to the construction waste disposal project in urban demolition. The crushing and screening of construction waste into several kinds of recycled aggregates of different sizes and rules is the basis for the project of recycling and reuse of construction rubbish in our country.

The Portable crusher plant is flexible and mobile, which can save a lot of capital construction and relocation costs. It can crush the material on site and can move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface, thus greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials. Mobile crushing and screening complete sets of equipment, including primary crushing station and secondary crushing and screening stations, tape conveyors and other components, crushing stations at all levels are an independent unit of work, can fulfill their different responsibilities.

Portable crusher plant classification

Portable crusher plant classification includes: jaw crushing station, counterattack Portable crusher plant, conical Portable crusher plant, impact Portable crusher plant, mobile screening station, crawler hydraulic mobile station and tire Portable crusher plant, in which the track Type is divided into A: standard B: closed-circuit C: single combination D: two combinations; tire-type mobile crushing according to the different needs of customers are divided into standard, closed-circuit

Portable crusher plant

Portable crusher plant works

Portable crusher plant main crushing equipment optional jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, the material evenly through the feeder conveyor to the crusher, the crusher is initially broken by the circular vibrating screen to form a closed-loop system to achieve Material circulation broken, in line with the requirements of grain size output by the conveyor, so as to achieve the purpose of production. Portable crusher plant can also be based on the actual production needs to remove the circular vibrating screen, and the initial crushing of the material directly, and then cooperate with other crushing equipment for specific operations, convenient and flexible.

Portable crusher plant performance characteristics

  • 1, strong mobility: Tire Portable crusher plant length is short, different crushing equipment were installed on a separate removable chassis, short wheelbase, turning radius is small, can be in the ordinary road and operating area of ​​flexible travel.
  • 2, the integration of the entire unit: the installation of integrated unit form, eliminating the complex components of the complex site infrastructure installation, reducing the material, man-hour consumption. The compact space layout of the unit has improved the flexibility of site deployment.
  • 3, reduce material transportation costs: Portable crusher plant can process materials at the scene, without having to move the material from the site and then processing, greatly reducing the material transport costs.
  • 4, the role of direct and effective operation: an integrated series of Portable crusher plant, can be used independently, but also for the customer on the process of material types, product requirements, to provide more flexible process configuration to meet the user mobile crushing, mobile screening, etc. The requirements of production make the organization and logistics trans-shipment more direct and effective, and the cost is reduced to the maximum.
  • 5, flexible combination, adaptability: Tire Portable crusher plant can be broken according to different requirements of the composition of the "broken screen after the first" can also form a "first screen after the broken" process, crushing station according to the actual needs of the combination of rough broken , Crushing two paragraphs crushing and screening system, can also be combined into coarse crushing, crushing, crushing three sections crushing and screening system, but also can be run independently, with great flexibility.
  • 6, reliable performance, easy maintenance: Portable crusher plant are the main equipment is the use of these products, these products have been optimized and enhanced design, higher strength, better performance.

Portable crusher plant use

  • 1 is widely used in mining, coal mines, garbage and construction waste recycling, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other venues operations.
  • 2. Treatment of topsoil and other materials; separation of viscous aggregate; construction and blasting industries; crushed screening; quarrying industry.
  • 3. River pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, artificial sand production of stone chips.

Handling construction waste

With the rapid development of the domestic construction industry, a large amount of construction waste is generated in the process of construction. The effective utilization of regenerated urban construction waste is the best solution to construction waste and an inevitable trend in the future. Portable crusher plant and stone production line can turn construction waste into reworkable aggregates. With mobile brick making machines, construction waste can be turned into on-site and even some construction waste can be processed through stone lines and reconstituted Sand used in construction, in line with pavement construction with stones, stones and so on. With the continuous development of international science and technology, large crushing and screening equipment has been developed very well.

The Portable crusher plant processes the concrete blocks, waste bricks, mortar, and slag in the garbage at the site of construction rubbish. According to the construction requirements, it can be crushed to obtain the reusable aggregate and a small amount of reinforcing steel. The coarse aggregate is used as the crushed stone Directly used for foundation reinforcement, the road cushion, indoor floor mat; fine aggregate can be made of hollow brick, solid brick, square brick and building waste concrete perforated brick and other environmentally friendly bricks. Portable crusher plant direct processing of construction waste directly "composite brick" has good anti-seepage characteristics, and brick thermal resistance than the relevant standards 50% higher than the thermal insulation performance than the sintered brick, the compressive strength than the sintering Brick high 30%, bulk density, thermal performance and many other indicators are better than ordinary clay brick, can meet the national standard.

Portable crusher plant in the construction of waste treatment above application, due to the processing of different materials, the traditional stone crushing technology has been unable to adapt to the current construction waste treatment perfect solution to deal with. Therefore, compared with the ordinary Portable crusher plant, the PJ-type construction waste crusher equipment and the new type of separator removing device used in the construction waste disposal Portable crusher plant can realize complete detachment of the concrete and the reinforcing steel bar during the crushing process. During the operation of the machine , To pick up the steel bars after separation. To achieve the transformation of building waste renewable building materials.

Portable crusher plant

Portable crusher plant construction garbage applications are also strongly supported by local governments, encourage the use of construction waste, gangue and other raw materials for the development, production of new wall materials, the establishment of construction waste recycling demonstration projects, increase financial support, the introduction of a new wall Body material special fund discount, subsidy policy

Portable crusher plant daily maintenance

Routine maintenance: The equipment should be lubricated as required. Small and medium-sized equipment is lubricated regularly with greases and lubricants. Large equipment, if the use of cone and large jaw crusher, the general forced lubrication system. At this time, should always observe the oil temperature, oil pressure, flow and other parameters. Tighten loose fasteners.

Equipment in operation, we should always pay attention to equipment noise and vibration conditions, in the event of excessive noise or vibration, the shutdown should be promptly checked. After troubleshooting, you should start the no-load restart.

Equipment operation, but also pay attention to observe the product quality, yield, when the quality and productivity is not normal, there may be crusher, sieve or sieve breakage damage and other failures.

Maintenance: In order to maintain good performance of the equipment, in addition to the normal maintenance, the equipment should be minor repairs, repair and overhaul.

Mobile crushing and screening equipment maintenance plan is in accordance with the various parts of the mechanical inspection requirements put forward. Due to the mechanical maintenance plan vary, when conditions permit, some of the machinery can be replaced for maintenance. This will reduce downtime maintenance, improve equipment utilization.

Portable crusher plant vibration reasons

In the Portable crusher plant production process if the equipment vibration occurs, it may be because the installation of a problem, the emergence of this problem, we must promptly deal with it for the entire equipment and quality are very influential, so we are at Be sure to pay attention to the use of maintenance, so as to better solve the problem in time to avoid a lot of problems. What causes the vibration? Look together

First Portable crusher plant ground fixed bolts loose. Check the fastening anchor bolts reinforcement.

Second, the bearing lock nut thrust washer damage, resulting in loose nuts and vibration. Replace damaged stop washer, adjust the lock nut to make the bearing clearance meet the standard.

Third, the rotation factor imbalance. As the coal hammer crusher ring hammer fracture, wear, sticky coal serious, leaving the rotor imbalance caused by vibration. The solution is as follows: Through the replacement or breeding methods, to ensure that the symmetrical row hammer and hammer shaft weight difference less than 0.17kg.

Fourth, the Portable crusher plant internal components loose, check the sieve plate frame, sieve plate, plate hit, whether the liner loose, fastening all bolts.

Fifth, the Portable crusher plant chamber uneven feeding force generated by the uneven vibration of the rotor. Solution: Timely clean the interior wall, so that the coal gangue crusher evenly distributed along the rotor length.

These are several common Portable crusher plant failure causes and solutions to learn the above methods, not only to avoid the occurrence of such failures, but also can reduce the generation of other failures, so the maintenance of the equipment must pay special attention, It is important that the equipment be used properly and to extend its useful life.

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