Ore Milling Equipment

Ore Milling Equipment

Application: Calcium carbonate grinding processing, gypsum powder processing, power plant desulfurization, non-metallic mineral milling, pulverized coal preparation

Applicable materials: limestone, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, barite, talc, gypsum, diabase, quartz, bentonite, etc.

Feed grain size: ≤ 30mm

Production capacity: 8-176 tons / day

Introduction of Ore Milling Equipment

Ore Milling Equipment is a key equipment for pulverizing non-metallic ore materials such as limestone, calcite, dolomite, talc, gypsum, quartzite and potash feldspar, and has the advantages of large output, easy operation, small investment, Low energy consumption and other characteristics, the largest class production up to 176t, is one of the most popular milling equipment in the industry.

Fine pulverized finished Ore Milling Equipment with good quality and particle size between 80-325 meshes and 600 meshes in some cases can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry and other fields. This article will be the structure of the device, principles, features, maintenance briefings, etc., in order to have a better understanding of them.

Ore Milling Equipment structure

The Ore Milling Equipment is actually designed according to the characteristics of the Raymond mill. The structure of the mill is basically similar to that of the main machine, the analyzer, the fan, the finished cyclone, the fine cyclone and the duct. Among them, Part is from the rack, into the air volute, blade, grinding roller, grinding ring, shell composition.

Ore Milling Equipment works

Ore Milling Equipment work, driven by the transmission device, the hanging in the Meihua rack roller device began to move, both revolving around the vertical axis, but also their own rotation, so a movement force, resulting in the roller constantly out Swing, and finally pressed tightly ring. Broken stone by the shell side of the hopper into the machine into the machine, shovel shovel into the roll between the roller and the ring by the roller rolling crushing rolling and crushed into powder, followed by powder stone Blowed by the fan, into the analysis of the machine sorting, to meet the fineness of the stone through the analyzer with the wind into the cyclone collector, too coarse stone will fall into the grinding chamber regrinding, where the wind is closed-loop, negative pressure State flow, the return duct and heavy-return fan reuse.

Ore Milling Equipment

Ore Milling Equipment product features

  • 1, three-dimensional structure design, small footprint, light machine, and has a good package, easy installation, saving nearly 30,000 yuan investment in infrastructure;
  • 2, the core components are made of high quality steel, has a strong wear resistance, pressure resistance, the overall operation of equipment is very reliable, life expectancy at least 3-5 times;
  • 3, centralized control of electrical systems, to achieve no manual job shop, operation and maintenance more convenient, saving nearly 60% of the manpower, time and other costs;
  • 4, equipment running smoothly, less trouble, install explosion-proof device, the use of more secure, while the energy-saving effect is particularly significant;
  • 5, pollution-free, less dust, low noise, equipment through the sieve rate of 99.99% or more, to produce the ore fine industrial value is more substantial;
  • 6, low price of Ore Milling Equipment, and the powder after grinding stone powder uniform texture, high quality, high pass rate, the use of high value.

Ore Milling Equipment maintenance points

  • 1, before the formal work, to the operator necessary technical training, at least to the mill principle, performance, operating procedures have a certain understanding;
  • 2, to always have the necessary maintenance tools and grease, roller grinding bolts on a regular basis to carefully check, loosening, the need for timely fastening, and to maintain adequate oil;
  • 3, the use of grinding roller ≥ 500 hours, to be replaced, and thoroughly cleaned bearings, wearing parts to be replaced in time;
  • 4, pay attention to the time of filling each bearing oil, while bearing room temperature to keep within 70 ℃, once found to heat up too high, should be cleaned immediately, to take effective cooling measures.

Phosphate milling equipment

Phosphorite is an important industrial raw material.China's phosphate rock is rich in resources, but also widely used in agriculture, metallurgy, machinery, beneficiation, foodstuff, glass, ceramics, etc. With the economic development and technological progress. Phosphorite will be more widely used in national defense, cutting-edge sciences, etc. The natural phosphate rocks vary in shape and size, so grinding needs to be met in order to meet the needs of materials in various fields. To use Phosphate milling equipment.

1. Selection reasonable to get high yields

Ore Milling Equipment

There are many brands of Phosphate milling equipments on the market. Each manufacturer produces more than one kind of rock phosphate mills, with different specifications of Phosphate milling equipments, production capacity, granularity of feeding and discharging, And other parameters are different.Only the parameters and production requirements of the phosphate rock pulverizer to meet the production requirements. I produced Phosphate milling equipment models many different specifications. Material particle size ≤15-≤30mm. Production capacity of 2-120t. Finished particle size 0.125-0.044mm. To meet different user's production requirements.

2. Phosphate rock "deformation" principle

The phosphate rock is crushed mainly by the squeezing action between the grinding roller and the grinding ring inside the mill to complete the road of "deformation." During the operation of the Phosphate milling equipmenting machine, the grinding roller revolves around the grinding ring under the centrifugal force Oscillating. Blades system will send phosphate rock material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. When the roller is rolled to the grinding ring, the phosphate rock material in between will be smashed. Ore pulverizer in the production process produces very little noise. Reasonable structure. Stable operation. Phosphate milling equipment has a very advanced sealing device to ensure that the production process without excessive dust pollution. To ensure the cleanliness of the workshop. Avoid dust particles on the human body damage.

Ore Milling Equipment which processing materials

Ore Milling Equipment, also known as mining mill, ore mill, as the name suggests its main purpose is to ore processing. There are a variety of Ore Milling Equipments, including ultra-fine mills, high-pressure mills, micronizers, trapezoidal mills, ball mills, etc. Sometimes it is not possible to identify exactly which materials they can process from these names.

Ore Milling Equipment is sealed in all parts, the studio will produce some high-temperature gas, for some highly explosive material is very sensitive, it can not be processed flammable materials, such as sulfur, nitrate and so on.

The next is a number of agricultural plants, such as corn, wheat, rice and other corn stalks, Campanulaceae, straw, etc., these substances are containing fibrous material, not to mention Ore Milling Equipment material is not selected for food processing, single The working principle of Ore Milling Equipment means that these materials will be crushed into cake, can not be ground into powder, so that the wind can not be carried out by the selection of flour. Mining mills for some high temperature easily melted or softened material can not be processed. Therefore, it can not be processed with fibrous materials, food products, easy to soften materials.

Many types of ore, can be divided into metal ore and non-metallic ore. Metal minerals: iron ore, copper ore, manganese ore, lead-zinc mine, gold ore, molybdenum ore, aluminum ore and so on. Non-metallic ore types: limestone, marble, dolomite, gypsum, river pebbles, basalt, granite, barite, calcite, bentonite, talc, quartz and so on.

Ore Milling Equipments are available for both metallic and non-metallic mines. However, not all mines can be mined using a mining mill, which requires knowledge of the Mohs hardness of the ore. Ore hardness vary, the higher the hardness, the higher the difficulty of crushing mill, often higher than the hardness of non-metallic mineral ore, of course, not all of the metal ore can not be processed, specifically Look at the specific composition of metal ore. Therefore, it can be understood that the main processing material of the ore mill is ore, while the grinding of non-metal ores is the main line. The grinding of the metal ore needs to be carried out according to the specific circumstances.

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