Mobile crusher

Mobile crusher

Application areas: mines, coal mines, garbage and construction waste recycling, earth and stone works, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other operations

Adaptation materials: river pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings

Feed size: 400-1200mm

Production capacity: 10-240t / h

Mobile crushing plant (also known as mobile crusher) is mainly used in the field of crushing operations, in the production of gravel materials, according to the different uses of stone and finished products, production of higher hardness and finer grained sand and gravel products. Large capacity, high efficiency, strong broken in the fine, strong adaptability, crushing and screening, self-loading conveyor. Widely used in metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, utilities and other materials often need to move operations, suitable for smaller sites crushing sites. Especially for highways, railways, hydropower projects, construction waste crushing and other liquidity operations, the user can process the raw materials according to the type, size and finished product requirements of different materials and other forms of use.

Mobile crusher structure consists of:

Mainly by the efficient cone crusher, high-performance shaker, belt conveyor, motor and control box and other components. Conical crusher configuration can be adjusted according to the actual needs of different chamber type, expanding Mobile crusher in the field of use and scope of use. The whole unit installed and coordinated operation, fully embodies the advantages of its convenience and flexibility. Cone broken mobile crusher can be customized according to customer requirements, in strict accordance with the actual situation of the production site to customize the appropriate cone crusher, shaker, motors and other equipment, greatly improving your production efficiency.

Mobile crusher works:

The working part of the cone crusher is two truncated cones, one is fixed cone (also known as cone), and the other is the dynamic cone (also known as cone). In the moving cone close to the fixed cone section, where the material by the dynamic cone squeeze, impact and bending, a broken cavity; moving cone deviation from the fixed cone where the material has been broken under self weight from the cone Unloading, a discharge port, the material from the feed port into. When the spring cone crusher is working, the motor drives the large bevel gear at the bottom of the eccentric sleeve through the fluid coupling and the small bevel gear to rotate the eccentric sleeve, causing the cone to swing and crush the material. Flexible equipment configuration, stand-alone unit can be independently produced, but also can be formed with the joint operation of crude broken equipment. In addition to the diesel generator set in the unit to supply power to the unit, it can also be targeted to the process system configuration unit combined power supply, greatly improving the adaptability of the equipment.

Mobile crusher features:

  • 1, flexible mobility Tire cone crushing Mobile crusher high site, turning radius is small, easy to transport, easy to crush in the rugged terrain rough road environment, save time for the quick stationed in the field. More conducive to stationed in a reasonable construction area, eliminating the cumbersome broken steel frame structure, foundation construction, saving a lot of time.
  • 2, Customers can process the material types, product requirements, provide more flexible process configuration, to meet the user mobile crushing, mobile screening and other requirements.
  • 3, reduce the cost of materials, can be directly selected venues, open to the scene, without transport, directly to the finished product size; the other extension of the unit more directly crushed material into a specific conveyor belt conveyor, eliminating the cost of transportation.
  • 4, equipped with high performance cone crusher, high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent crushing product quality, lightweight and reasonable structure design, excellent crushing performance. Reliable and stable quality assurance, the largest range of coarse, medium and fine materials crushing and screening requirements for new and old customers at home and abroad to establish a good quality reputation.

Mobile crusher is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush material. When the material enters the plate hammer zone, it is crushed by the high-speed impact of the plate hammer and thrown to the counterattack installed above the rotor to be crushed again, and then rebounded from the counterattack plate back to the plate hammer action area to be crushed again. This process is repeated until the material is crushed to the desired particle size and discharged from the lower part of the machine. Adjust the gap between the counter-carrier and the rotor frame to achieve the purpose of changing the material size and material shape. The machine uses the spring safety device after the counterattack board. When the non-crushed material enters the crushing chamber, the counterattack rack will retreat and the non-crushed material will be discharged from the machine.

Mobile crusher


1.Integrated whole set unitIntegrated unit equipment installation form, eliminating the complex components of the complex site infrastructure installation, reducing the material, man-hour consumption. The compact space layout of the unit has improved the flexibility of site deployment.

2. Mobile and flexible Mobile crusher vehicle site is high, the body width is less than the operating trailer, turning radius is small, easy to drive on ordinary roads, more convenient in the crushing area of ​​rugged road environment. Save time for efficient stationing. More conducive to stationed in a reasonable construction area for the overall fragmentation process provides a more flexible space and a reasonable layout and configuration.

3. Reduce the cost of material transportation Mobile crusher can crush the material in the first line on site, eliminating the intermediate part of the material from the site and then crushing, greatly reducing the material transportation costs. In addition, the extended unit can more directly crush the material into the transfer car hopper, turn away from the scene.

4. The role of the work directly and effectively Integrated series of Mobile crusher can be used independently, but also for the customer on the process of material types, product requirements, to provide more flexible process configuration to meet the user mobile crushing, mobile screening and other Requirements, so that the formation of organizations, logistics and transport more direct and effective, to maximize the cost reduction.

5 adaptable configuration Flexible Mobile crusher for coarse crushing, crushing screening system, you can single stand-alone operation, but also can be flexibly configured system configuration unit joint operation. Discharge hopper side of the screen for the delivery of materials to provide a variety of configuration flexibility, integrated unit configuration in addition to the diesel generator power supply unit, but also can be targeted to the process configuration of the system unit supply, reliable performance maintenance Convenience.

Construction waste Mobile crusher (also known as construction waste mobile crusher) medium and heavy machinery using advanced construction waste treatment technology, construction waste, industrial waste, cinder, coal and rock, slag, fly ash, building materials, non-metallic solid waste and other waste After the solid waste application process, it can produce various types of new building materials meeting the quality inspection specifications. According to the different configuration of equipment, the effective utilization rate of construction waste can reach 80-100%, no secondary pollution occurs, Zero pollution, zero emission of the ideal environmental effects. Construction waste crushing plant is the construction waste recycling waste from renewable materials, low-carbon economy production and operation mode of change. Turning waste into treasure, protecting the environment, is currently the world's first choice for the development of construction equipment.

Construction waste Mobile crusher structure:

Construction waste Mobile crusher by the mobile rack, feeder, construction waste crusher, screening machine, belt conveyor, iron removal equipment, electronic control systems and other components. Can also be configured according to customer requirements.

Construction waste Mobile crusher works:

Raw materials from the loader directly to the silo, from the bunker into the vibrating feeder, the feeder evenly to the material for construction waste crusher; crushed by garbage crusher after the material by the belt conveyor by the separator Sent to the shaker; crushed material sieved through the vibrating screen into three kinds of materials: 0-10mm material from the belt conveyor to the finished material yard. Wood and other debris by the conveyor belt to the waste yard. The large material is returned to the garbage crusher through the belt conveyor and broken again.

Construction waste Mobile crusher features:

  • 1, save production costs, reduce the high cost of construction waste transport.
  • 2, good mobility, compact structure, no special transport vehicles.
  • 3, easy to support the installation, installation and maintenance cost savings and adjust the manpower.
  • 4, improve the utilization of equipment, ready to change workplace.

Mobile crusher operating procedures

In the crusher industry, Mobile crusher this combination of equipment is already very common, and everyone is also very good evaluation of it, then we use the time in order to ensure that the processing of raw materials or in accordance with the formal Operating procedures to work.

First, when feeding, to ensure that the Mobile crusher belt conveyor uniform input materials, materials to meet the equipment requirements for broken materials, because too much to feed material will affect the production efficiency.

Second, the operator needs to pay great attention to the discharge of the crushing station discharge situation, control the speed of the belt conveyor to ensure the normal feeding and discharging.

Mobile crusher

Third, regular inspection equipment, water coolers, filters and pumps, measuring oil temperature, under normal circumstances, the required oil temperature does not exceed 60 degrees, the temperature is too large adverse to the equipment.

Fourth, regular inspection of Mobile crusher water seal Dust drainage, once found no water or water is small, it should be shut down in time, otherwise it will seriously affect the equipment.

Fifth, we also understand that the output of the equipment can be realized by adjusting the size of the closed-end discharge port. When the size of the closed-side discharge port is smaller and the output is smaller, the quality of the finished product is better. Therefore, according to the actual situation Demand to adjust.

Mobile crusher in operation, generally need to follow the corresponding standards, if we produce or use of equipment, can not meet the standard specifications, then anyone who will be assured. Therefore, in order to operate the equipment normally, the staff can also operate the safety, and the most important thing is to ensure the standardization of the operation and the standard of the use requirement.

Mobile crusher maintenance and repair

  • 1, routine maintenance
  • Equipment should be required for lubrication, small and medium-sized equipment lubricated with lubricants and lubricants. Large equipment, if the use of cone and large jaw crusher, the general forced lubrication system. At this time, should always observe the oil temperature, oil pressure, flow and other parameters. Fasten loose fasteners equipment in operation, we should always pay attention to equipment noise and vibration conditions, in the event of excessive noise or vibration, the shutdown should be promptly checked. After troubleshooting, should be started in the order of no-load restart equipment operation, but also pay attention to observe the quality of the product, the yield, when the quality and yield is not normal, there may be crusher, sieve blockage or screen surface Broken and other failures

  • 2, overhaul
  • In order to maintain good performance of the equipment, in addition to the normal maintenance, the equipment should be minor repairs, repairs and overhauls as planned.

    • 1) minor repair
    • The main form of planned pre-repair, the purpose is to eliminate the equipment in the course of wear and tear caused by the local damage caused by the parts of the adjustment or replacement of parts, the equipment back to normal operation, and sometimes pre-inspection work for The next minor or intermediate, overhaul to prepare.

    • 2) in the repair
    • It is a repair work performed while the equipment is stopped. The purpose is to check in detail the use of important components of the equipment, the replacement of certain parts, to solve the problem of inconsistency in the life of the various components. In the repair often carried out throughout the entire demolition of the unit, cleaning parts, check the various parts of the wear and tear.

    • 3) Overhaul
    • Is the maintenance of the equipment for a longer period of time to stop the case of maintenance work. During the overhaul, all parts must be disassembled and all parts carefully inspected. Repair and update all parts, so that the equipment fully restored to normal conditions and ability to work. Overhaul includes minor and minor repair all. In addition, large parts that have reached the end of their life should be replaced.

Pre-repair method is better in parts pre-repair method, the method is carried out under the equipment operation, due to the preparation of the complete parts in advance, so that maintenance time is greatly reduced, therefore, equipment operation rate can be guaranteed accordingly. The parts repair method is carried out after the equipment downtime

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