Impact crusher

Impact crusher

Application: for mining, railways, energy, cement, chemicals, construction and other industries crushing process.

Products: This series of counter-crushing machine can handle the following length of 100 ~ 500 mm material, the compressive strength of up to 350 MPa, with crushing ratio, broken material cube particles, etc., for crushing Hard material.

Feed size: ≤ 800mm

Production capacity: 30-800t / h

Impact crusher is suitable for handling a variety of coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) with a side length not exceeding 500mm and compressive strength not exceeding 350MPa. It is widely used in hydropower, expressway, And gravel, stone production, broken and other industries.

Impact crusher is an ideal processing equipment for high-grade road surface and aggregate for hydropower construction. It is widely used in highway construction, water conservancy projects and construction gravel processing due to its excellent performance and good performance.

Impact crusher is a new type of high efficiency crushing equipment, which is characterized by small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio, less energy consumption, large capacity, uniform product size, and selective crushing effect, is very Promising equipment.

Impact crusher works:

Impact crusher working principle and hammer crusher are similar, are the use of high-speed rotary hammer impact material to make it broken, but both broken process is not the same. When the material into the crushing chamber that is subject to the impact of high-speed swing plate hammer for selective crushing. Material from the impact of the process to obtain huge kinetic energy, and thrown to the high-speed counterattack at high speed, due to the counterattack counterattack effect, the material was again broken, rebounded by the counterattack board material again by the plate hammer impact, continue to repeat the crushing process. After that, the broken material was also thrown to the second-level counterattack at a high speed and further broken. In this way, the material through the plate hammer, striking the board repeatedly hit several times and the collision between the material album, it will continue along its own joint surface cracks, loose and broken. Its intensity is less than the gap between the hammer and counterattack plate, the lower part of the machine is discharged as a qualified product. In the gravel plant joint operation is generally configured in the jaw crusher behind.

SBM Impact Crusher machine Structural features:

  • 1, the rotor back plate can withstand the high moment of inertia and hammer impact crushing force.
  • 2, low speed, multi-broken cavity, the linear speed of 20% -25% lower than the general counterattack to obtain high production capacity with low energy consumption.
  • 3, the machine has three crushing and shaping functions, and therefore broken than large, the product was a cube shape.
  • 4, plate hammer structure is reasonable, with quick loading and unloading, more transposed, etc., can greatly shorten the time for changing hammer.
  • 5, plate hammer High wear resistance, high toughness of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium alloy material, greatly improving the life of the plate hammer.
  • 6, unique counterattack tooth plate, no key connection.

SBM Impact Crusher Features:

  • 1, multi-cavity uniform broken, suitable for breaking hard rock;
  • 2, low large feed port, increase feed size;
  • 3, a new type of wear-resistant materials to hammer, counterattack and lining longer service life;
  • 4, the whole plate structure to make the discharge more small size and cubic shape, no internal pattern;
  • 5, the shape of the product was a cube, discharge size adjustable;
  • 6, full hydraulic open, easy maintenance and replacement of wearing parts;
  • 7, feed inlet, crushing chamber high, to adapt to the high hardness of the material, block size, less powder products.

Impact crusher performance structure

Impact crusher by the number of different rotors, divided into two types of single-rotor and double-rotor. Figure 1 for our production of Φ250 × 1000 single rotor impact crusher. The crusher structure is relatively simple, mainly by the rack, transmission, rotor, hammer and counterattack and other components

  • 1. Rack
  • Impact crusher rack by the upper rack and lower rack of two parts, with each other with bolts. Above the axis of the rotor above the upper frame, which is equipped for maintenance, installation of the side door and back door. Under the axis of the rotor is the lower frame, bolted to the ground, mainly to withstand the quality of the entire machine. All parts in the rack that contact the ore are equipped with a replaceable wear liner. Breakers feed mouth set the chain to prevent the process of crushing stone flying out of the plane accident.

  • 2. Transmission mechanism
  • Impact crusher transmission mechanism is very simple, driven by the motor directly through the pulley spindle and rotor for high-speed rotation. The spindle is supported by rolling bearings in the bearing blocks on both sides of the frame. The bearings are lubricated regularly with dry oil.

    Impact crusher
  • 3. Rotor
  • In terms of working principle, the biggest difference between impact crusher and hammer crusher is that the hammer crusher is hinged to hang the hammer, while the impact crusher hammer and the rotor is rigidly connected, the use of the entire rotor rotation Inertial impact of ore and make it broken. Therefore, the rotor must have sufficient quality to meet the requirements of broken ore. If the rotor is too light, the crushing efficiency will be reduced. Of course, it can not be too heavy, otherwise the crusher will be very difficult to start.

    Impact crusher rotor generally used in the overall cast steel structure, this structure of larger quality, easier to meet the required quality crusher; the same time, more durable, easy to install the hammer. Some Impact crushers use several discs made of cast steel or profiled steel as a rotor. This combined rotor is easy to manufacture and easy to balance. Some small Impact crusher hollow steel rotor welded, although its simple structure, easy to manufacture, but less strength and durability.

  • 4. counterattack board
  • The counterattack is made of high manganese steel or other wear resistant material and hangs freely inside the machine. One end of which is hinged on both sides of the upper frame through a hanging shaft; the other end is supported by the rod bolt on the conical surface washer of the upper frame by using a spherical washer. The counterattack also serves as the crusher's safety device. When the machine into the non-broken objects, counterattack plate by the impact of rapid increase, forcing rod bolt compression spherical washers, rod pull back was lifted, so that non-broken objects discharged to ensure the safety of the machine. In addition, adjusting the bolt above the nut, you can change the size of the gap between the hammer and the counterattack, and then control the size of the crushed product range.

  • 5 hammerhead
  • The hammerhead, like the strike plate, is made of high-manganese steel or other wear-resistant material (alloy steel hammerhead improves workability of the impact crusher) and is fixed to the rotor. The following three methods are generally used.

    (1) screw fixation method. That is fixed with a screw head. This method is the simplest, but the screw is exposed on the striking surface, easily damaged, the other screws are also easy to be cut off, so that the hammer fly out from the rotor and cause serious accidents.

    (2) plate fixed method. That the hammer into the rotor from the side of the groove, both ends pressed with a pressure plate to prevent its left and right series. This method because the hammer is made of wear-resistant materials, it is difficult to process, it is difficult to ensure the precise size of the hammer, easy to assemble loose and loose in the work.

    (3) Wedge fixation method. The wedge is used to fix the hammer on the rotor. At work, due to the centrifugal force, hammer, wedge and rotor will be more and more tight, more reliable work, and disassembly is also very convenient, at home and abroad to use more fixed hammer.

Impact crusher

Affect the ability to counter the impact of breaking production capacity

There are many factors that influence the output of the equipment. Today, we only analyze the 1210 counter-breaking and make you fully understand the influencing factors. Try to avoid these factors when the equipment is operating, and increase the production capacity of the equipment.

  • 1, equipment performance
  • This factor is the fundamental factor affecting 1210 counter-productive output. Customers buy 1210 counter-breaking, we must give full consideration to the various aspects of the performance of the device. machine produced 1210 counter-breaking production of 70-130 tons, compared with other manufacturers of the model when the production increased by nearly twice the customers can refer to their own production requirements to buy products.

  • 2, the nature of the material
  • The maximum feed size that the 1210 counterattack can withstand is 350 mm and the crushed material has a high compressive strength of 350 MPa. Before buying, be sure to examine your own material properties, if the material properties meet the 1210 counter-breaking range, then, when the crushing operation, the device will be in good condition.

  • 3, operator technical level
  • Machinery operators are required to have certain expertise in the reckless operation of machinery and equipment, the operator will not be aware of the equipment performance and mode of operation, will result in equipment problems, or when the production is greatly reduced, does not meet Original production. If the equipment fails at this time, not only will it affect the progress of work, but it will also lead to a loss of customer benefits and a substantial increase in expenditure.

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