Gold ore crusher

Gold ore crusher

Application areas: for mining, railways, energy, cement, chemicals, construction and other industries broken process.

Applicable materials: This series of crusher can handle the length of 100 ~ 500 mm below the material, the compressive strength of up to 350 MPa, with crushing ratio, broken material was cube particles, etc., for crushing hard materials The

Feed size: ≤ 800mm

Production capacity: 30-800t / h

Gold ore properties

The Earth's total reserves of gold are about 4.8 billion tons, while the distribution of about 4.7 billion tons in the earth's core, the mantle 86 million tons, while distributed to the crust of less than 100 million tons. More than 99% of the earth's gold enters the Earth's core. This distribution of gold is formed during the long-term evolution of the Earth. The abundance of gold in the crust formed in the early stages of Earth's development is high, so it can generally represent the Archean greenstone belts composed of early remnant crust, especially the combination of mafic and ultramafic volcanics with high gold abundance All kinds of rocks in the crust may become the earliest "source layer" of gold deposits. To sum up, gold in the crust of the abundance of the value is already very low, but also with the pro-sulfur, pro-copper, pro-iron, high melting point and other properties, to form an industrial deposit, gold enrich thousands of times, The formation of large mines, rich mines, gold will have to enrich thousands, tens of thousands of times, and even higher, showing that its large-scale gold mines generally go through a long geological period, through a variety of sources, multiple mineralization superimposed May form.

Gold ore crusher working principle:

Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, stone is shunted with high speed and high-speed crushed stone flying around the turntable with the other part by an umbrella type, and the stone will collide with each other Eddy current between the turntable and the case caused by repeated blows, friction, crushing, through the lower part of the direct discharge. The formation of closed-loop multiple times, controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the required size.

Gold ore crusher equipment Features:

  • 1, The machine is a new type of medium and fine gravel equipment developed in the nineties. It is also widely used in the world to replace the cone crusher, the roller mill and the ball mill.
  • 2, new structure, unique, smooth operation.
  • 3, small energy consumption, high yield, broken ratio.
  • 4, equipment, small size, easy to operate, easy installation and maintenance.
  • 5, with shaping function, the product was cubic, bulk density.
  • 6, the production process, the stone can form a protective bottom, body wear-free, durable.
  • 7, a small amount of wear-resistant parts made of special wear-resistant materials, small size, light weight, easy to replace parts.
Gold ore crusher

Gold ore crusher installation and maintenance:

Maintenance of the machine is an extremely important recurrent work that should be performed in close coordination with extreme operations and overhauls and should be audited by a dedicated staff on duty.

Machine maintenance:

  • 1, the bearing bear the full load of the machine, so a good lubrication of the bearing life has a great relationship, it directly affects the life of the machine and operation rate, thus requiring injection of lubricating oil must be clean, the seal must be good, the machine Main oiling place (1) Rotating bearings (2) Roller bearings (3) All gears (4) Movable bearings, sliding plane.
  • 2, the newly installed wheel loosening prone to frequent checks must be carried out.
  • 3, pay attention to the work of the various parts of the machine is normal.
  • 4, pay attention to check the wear of wear parts, always pay attention to replace the worn parts.
  • 5, put the mobile device chassis plane, dust and other objects should be out to avoid the machine can not crush the material encountered when the bearing can not move on the chassis, resulting in serious accidents.
  • 6, bearing oil temperature rise, should immediately stop the inspection to eliminate.
  • 7, rotating gears in the operation if the impact of sound should immediately stop inspection and eliminate

Gold ore Processing process

  • 1, gold ore processing technology of the broken ore
  • Raw ore transported by loading and unloading equipment to the gold ore crusher production line. Raw ore fed to the jaw crusher will be crushed into small pieces of ore, and then broken through the cone crusher, the final formation of small particles of about 0-10MM, the entire crushing process so come to an end.

  • 2, gold ore processing technology of gold ore grinding
  • In the first step, the gold ore has been broken into small particles of about 0-10 mm and has met the need to deliver to a gold ore grinder, a ball mill. In the silo, vibrating feeder role, these small particles are uniformly transported to the ball mill for grinding, and then by the grading machine, water cyclone and other equipment for grading and screening until all the gold ore powder to reach the next level of production operations The demand.

  • 3, gold ore processing technology of gold concentrate, electrolysis, purification
  • The gold ore powder is purified by a thickener and mixed with a good chemical solvent and fed into the CIL plant system. Some of the tailings are removed by the action of the system, and the concentrate is sent to the electrolyzer for desorption and finally passed Smelting can get the target gold

Gold ore processing technology commonly used equipment

  • 1, gold ore crushing process used in the main gold ore crushing machinery
  • Gold ore crushing processing equipment mainly consists of jaw crusher, cone crusher.

  • 2, gold ore grinding process mainly used in the gold ore grinding machinery
  • The main process of grinding equipment is mainly ball mill.

  • 3, the gold ore beneficiation process used mainly gold ore beneficiation equipment
  • The process according to the different color of gold ore, gold ore beneficiation process used by different types of gold ore beneficiation machinery used widely different. Mainly include: hydrocyclones, flotation machine, leaching tank, desorption electrolysis system and thickener and so on.

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