Construction waste crusher

Construction waste crusher

Application: sand and gravel field, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, etc.

Applicable materials: construction waste, quartz stone, river pebbles, calcite, dolomite, granite and so on.

Feeding strength: depending on the process of customization

Processing capacity: depending on the process custom

Construction waste crusher (also known as construction waste mobile crusher) medium and heavy machinery using advanced construction waste treatment technology, construction waste, industrial waste, cinder, coal and rock, slag, fly ash, building materials, non-metallic solid waste and other waste After the solid waste application process, it can produce various types of new building materials meeting the quality inspection specifications. According to the different configuration of equipment, the effective utilization rate of construction waste can reach 80-100%, no secondary pollution occurs, Zero pollution, zero emission of the ideal environmental effects. Construction waste crushing plant is the construction waste recycling waste from renewable materials, low-carbon economy production and operation mode of change. Turning waste into treasure, protecting the environment, is currently the world's first choice for the development of construction equipment.

Construction waste crusher works:

Raw materials from the loader directly to the silo, from the bunker into the vibrating feeder, the material evenly by the feeder to the construction waste crusher; crushed by garbage crusher after the material by the belt conveyor by the separator Sent to the shaker; crushed material sieved through the vibrating screen into three kinds of materials: 0-10mm material from the belt conveyor to the finished material yard. Wood and other debris by the conveyor belt to the waste yard. The large material is returned to the garbage crusher through the belt conveyor and broken again.

Construction waste crusher features:

  • 1, save production costs, reduce the high cost of construction waste transport.
  • 2, good mobility, compact structure, no special transport vehicles.
  • 3, easy to support the installation, installation and maintenance cost savings and adjust the manpower.
  • 4, improve the utilization of equipment, ready to change workplace.

Construction waste crusher structure:

Construction waste crusher by the mobile rack, feeder, construction waste crusher, screening machine, belt conveyor, iron removal equipment, electronic control systems and other components. Can also be configured according to customer requirements.

Construction waste crusher production line equipment configuration table:

product name model Quantity Power
Vibrating Feeder ZSW4911 1 15
Impact crusher PF1315 1 220
Separators RCYD-10 1 3
Shaker YK2160 1 18.5
Round vibrating screen YK1860 1 15
Round vibrating screen 2YK1860 1 18.5
Wind machine LS-2132 2  

Application of the construction waste crusher and its own advantages

At present, the most advanced garbage disposal machines at home and abroad are construction waste crushers. Whether foreign or domestic, construction waste crushers are the most advanced and popular waste crushing equipments. In the recycling process and crushing process, the construction rubble grinder developed by SBM is selected. The construction waste crusher is one of the commonly used construction waste processing equipment.

Construction waste shredder is the most advanced processing machine in China. It is more convenient to operate and has less stringent requirements on the site. It can drive any device to the place where the construction waste is to be processed. In recent years, the mill has entered the construction waste treatment industry, its own processing technology is easy to operate, and large capacity. In the crushing process, concrete blocks, construction waste materials such as crushing, primary screening process has been a mature application. In this way, the environmental pollution caused by solid waste such as construction waste is reduced, resources of natural minerals are saved, and material recycling is truly achieved.

Construction waste crusher

construction waste crusher are generally divided into two kinds, one is a fixed crusher, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, the other is a removable construction waste crusher, the configuration of this machine drive, There are mobile tire construction waste crusher and automatic construction waste crusher, and easy to use, the treatment effect is very good.

Instructions for the replacement and repair of wearing parts of construction waste disposal equipment

In recent years, with the continuous development of society, the continuous expansion of urbanization in our country almost every day in every city is faced with the demolition of buildings. However, the construction waste left behind by the demolished buildings and treated Is a headache thing, it not only affects the city's beauty, but also caused pollution to the environment.

In the construction waste turning treasure into the process, construction waste disposal equipment is the so-called hard-working. No matter what kind of machinery and equipment, in the long-term operation, will encounter the inevitable breakdown of wearing parts, as well as parts on the replacement. Then the construction waste disposal equipment repair and replacement of wearing parts.

Crushing teeth and hammer pieces are consumable parts of construction waste treatment equipment, but also affect the crushing quality and productivity of the main components, crushing claws and hammer if wear phenomena need timely replacement. Before replacing the claw, you need to pull out the puck. Before pulling out, you need to open the round nut lock plate on the back of the puck. Unscrew the round nut with the configuration wrench and pull out the puck with a special razor.

Construction equipment to work after a certain period of time, need to be cleaned of its bearings. If the bearings are oil-lubricated, 1/3 of the bearing housings in the new engine oil should be fitted for a maximum of 1/2, and the cap oil cap must be tightened before operation. When the processing equipment bearing serious wear or damage, should be promptly replaced, and pay attention to enhance lubrication.

The screen also belongs to the consumable parts of the construction waste crusher, which is mainly made of the punched steel sheet or metal sheet. When the screen appears worn or foreign objects breakdown, if the damage is not large, you can use rivets or soldering methods to repair, if the area is large, you can replace the new screen. In the installation of the screen, you need to face the burr side of the mesh with the smooth side, the screen frame and the screen to fit closely.

construction waste crusher on the clinker waste recycling and utilization and working principle

We should all know that ordinary construction debris is a mixture of bricks, stones, concrete, scrap steel, scrap wire, scrap wire and other metals. Seemingly nothing of these clods of waste, but after the mastermind of construction waste crusher rejuvenation, clods of waste can be turned into treasure.

Therefore, construction waste shredder can bring blue sky pure earth to the earth and bring economic benefits to people. Therefore, when we are buying construction waste shredders, we must open our eyes and look for formal manufacturers so that we will not make any detours. Then, introduce the working principle and production process of construction waste crusher, the principle is driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at high speed, building debris into the crushing chamber and the rotor hammer crusher, then enter the Two crushing chamber for crushing. In this process, not only the formation of the construction debris and the hammer between the plate and the impact between the crushing, but also to complete the board hammer see and crushing cavity stone boulder shaping, and finally discharged from the discharge port.

Production process Construction waste crusher, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder and other special equipment will be building debris removal and screening. After the sorting of construction waste soil blocks need to go through the magnetic separator to remove other iron material contained therein, after the rough, broken and fine crushing processing, processing to a certain particle size, and finally for roadbed stone, cement admixture And many other aspects.

What are the benefits of construction waste crushing equipment?

With the social development, building renovation, resulting in the generation of construction waste crushing equipment, its main job is to feed, crushing, conveying, screening as a whole, for a variety of construction waste processing equipment, the equipment not only High production capacity, stable operation is welcomed, more importantly, is to promote the reason that there are three kinds of benefits for the protection of the equipment itself, then, the benefits of construction waste crusher?

First, the environmental benefits, the original construction waste without treatment, not only occupy the land, and to a certain extent, caused the pollution of rivers, but the emergence and emergence of construction waste crushing equipment to solve this problem, through Equipment for the construction of garbage near the disposal of the realization of the recycling, instead of the original simple stacking, landfill and other traditional construction waste disposal methods, thereby reducing the environmental pollution and other issues.

Second, economic benefits, construction waste crushing equipment produce benefits to the environment, but also bring economic benefits to investors. After the crushing of construction waste can be reused, and also has some economic value, so users can process their use or sale to users, from which to obtain a certain degree of economic profit.

Third, the social benefits, after the construction waste crushing equipment to deal with the construction of waste because of its own resource use, you can reuse the waste, its recycled aggregate, recycled concrete and a variety of recycled brick, etc., in order to meet the community and The demand in other areas of construction has led to the phenomenon of recycling construction waste as a resource in use.

construction waste crusher inspection necessary before production

At present, with the continuous development of society, the construction waste mill is widely used, which greatly lightens the burden on operators and promotes the rapid economic development indirectly. However, as a manufacturer, users should be reminded of the use of construction waste crusher here, construction waste crusher are heavy-duty machinery and equipment, so in the course of the process must ensure safe production.

In the operation process, we must first check the work, which is our SBM has always been to emphasize the customer. Before each boot must be sure that the device is able to use the normal operation of the building rubble grinder to conduct a comprehensive and careful examination of the following to introduce what to check:

  • First, check the device's protective device is not in good condition, if there is a problem that needs to be promptly excluded.
  • Second, check whether the wearing parts have serious wear and tear, once found to wear, you need to take appropriate measures to repair according to the degree of wear and tear.
  • Third, check the lubricated oil is qualified, substandard standards generally show too much, too little or deterioration of the situation, the user add, pour out or replace the new lubricant to solve, it should be noted that the lubricant Add the standard is to stand bearing box volume of about 70 percent.
  • Fourth, check the tightness of the various fasteners, which is very crucial, if there is a loosening of the situation will have a serious impact on the construction waste shredder, so the boot must be before each bolt nut is tightened.
  • Fifth, check the crushing chamber is clean, we must ensure that the construction waste crusher before starting, crushing chamber does not exist any material. Otherwise, it will lead to the construction waste broken hammer and other early heart failure phenomenon.

The importance of construction waste crushers in the work on building waste

At present, the construction waste crusher has become an artifact in the construction industry, which can turn construction waste into treasure, most of the construction waste is a solid waste, generally in the process of building or building maintenance, demolition process produced. Different types of buildings produce different amounts of waste components, but they can still be made up by themselves.

The construction waste from the construction waste shredder is mainly composed of soil, muck, sand pump and concrete, as well as waste from masonry, steel, metal, wood, decoration and maintenance, various packing materials and other wastes. Among them, the use of concrete and masonry production of coarse and fine aggregate, can be used to produce strength levels of concrete, block, wall panels, floor tiles and other building materials, with the realization of building waste reduction, resource conservation and conservation of natural resources, ecological environment Advantages, with high economic value.

Due to the location of the construction landfill is relatively concentrated, the venue is relatively limited, and the traffic is not convenient, so it is handled well in situ, so that you can save a lot of things, when dealing with various large chunks of material requires multiple crushing, and Its own small footprint, flexible equipment, convenient, mobile and save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs, the material can be crushed on the site, and can be driven by the extraction of raw materials to move and thus greatly reduce The material transport costs.

The construction waste shredder has the advantages of flexibility and mobility, strong maneuverability, can save a lot of capital construction and relocation costs, etc. As long as the construction waste shredder can solve the problems in the city's environmental protection work, It can bring a nice day to the city where people live.

Causes of vibrations in the production of construction waste crusher

At present, the market constantly changes and develops, and the technical aspects are constantly improving. In the operation process, the users encounter the phenomenon that the construction waste mill vibrates. Here to explain to you about the construction of garbage crusher vibration is what?

First, in operation, if there is metal material into the disc caused by the vibration. To prevent metal from entering, remove the iron remover and metal detector from the construction waste shredder equipment.

Second, in the equipment of the disc does not form the material pad, the device within the crushing device and the liner will directly cause vibration. Thus forming the material pad.

Third, the amount of material must be used when the vertical mill production capacity, whenever the amount of material below the vertical mill production floor will gradually thinning, when the material thin to a certain extent, the need to tighten the tension and their own Under the action of the weight, the construction waste shredder will appear indirect contact to produce the impact, cause the vibration.

Fourth, when processing the material hardness is low, friable. Material fragility, low hardness, high tension under the circumstances, the device can work in accordance with the thickness of the material layer, in the moment when the air pressure is caused when the device vibration.

Construction waste crusher

Fifth, the material ring is too low, when processing materials, building waste grinder block ring is low, it is difficult to ensure a smooth layer thickness, because the actual processing of materials according to the situation. Appropriate to adjust the height of the stop ring, and thus equipment to achieve maximum efficiency in operation, to prevent vibration.

Sixth, mill hammer installation error, the general hammer surface should be replaced together, because the weight difference between the two groups of large hammer, so doing so in order to avoid loss of balance led to a strong vibration.

Protective measures taken for construction waste crusher

Throughout the year, the weather is unpredictable, the spring has passed, and the summer is coming. The summer weather is so-called stormy and sunny. For people in the summer want to dwelling at home, enjoy the home air conditioners. So, the heat is about to hit, we use the construction waste crusher, what protective measures should be done? Xiaobian take everyone to understand below.

First of all, before we do anything must be the safety of the first place, so when using the construction waste crusher, we must pay attention to their own safety, if working in the open air, we must prevent equipment overheating cause burn motor Parts, as well as operators must drink plenty of water during operation, if there is physical discomfort, you need to immediately cool and ventilated place to rest, to avoid the phenomenon of water shortage and heat stroke.

Second, the construction waste crusher should pay attention to the matters in the process of using the device to observe the operation of their own situation, if the case of overheating need to be based on the actual situation, take some appropriate measures to avoid damage caused by prolonged overheating equipment, As well as the power short circuit caused by high temperature production. After each shutdown of the construction waste crusher, the operator is required to check. The most important thing is to check whether the lubricant in the bearing box is sufficient and the tightness of the pulley. These are due to the high temperature caused by varying degrees of impact, so daily inspection and maintenance is necessary.

If the outdoor work in the summer, you need to pay more attention to the operation of the equipment and weather changes, to prevent heat stroke and equipment, the phenomenon of phenomenon, but this is still to suggest that users better place the device indoors to avoid prolonged exposure, Some impact on the equipment, if the situation is not allowed, then still do the construction of waste crusher ventilation and cooling work.

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