Cone crusher

Cone crusher

Application: sand and gravel field, concrete sand, dry mortar, construction waste, sand, power plant desulfurization

Applicable materials: calcite, limestone, granite, river pebbles, dolomite, bluestone, cement clinker, glass, basalt, iron ore, etc.

Feed grain size: 65-300mm

Production capacity: 12-1000t / h

Cone crusher is a recently developed high-power, large crushing ratio, high productivity hydraulic crusher. This machine was developed on the basis of digesting and assimilating all kinds of cone crushers with international advanced level in the 1980s. The structure of the conventional cone crusher is clearly different in design and focuses on the main advantages of the various types of cone crushers known to date. For finely crushed and ultra-fine broken hard rock, ore, slag, refractory materials.

Cone crusher structure and the main parameters of the structure: The main structure of the cone crusher machine frame, horizontal axis, moving cone, balance wheel, eccentric sleeve, the broken wall (fixed cone), the next broken wall Coupling, lubrication system, hydraulic system, control system and other parts.

Cone crusher use and structure

Cone crusher (cone broken) is widely used in metallurgical industry, building materials industry, road construction industry, chemical industry and silicate industry. Cone crusher used in the fine crushing Platts hardness f ≤ 5-16 various ores and rocks. Crusher structure from the frame body, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, broken cone, transmission and eccentric sleeve and other major parts and electrical, lubrication and other ancillary components. PY series cone crusher is divided into crushing cone crusher, crushing cone crusher and crushing cone crusher three, this series crusher, suitable for crushing medium and above the hardness of a variety of ores and rocks. Broken chamber type determined by the use of ore, the standard used in the broken; medium suitable for fine broken; short head for fine broken. According to the different needs of users to buy.

Cone crusher Features:

  • 1. Reasonable structure, broken principle and technical parameters of advanced, reliable operation, low operating costs.
  • 2. With a large crushing force, high production efficiency, high yield, good grain shape.
  • 3. Hydraulic system is convenient and reliable, can provide safe and effective overload protection.
  • 4. A variety of crushing chamber, to meet a wide range of product size requirements.
  • 5. Using hydraulic adjustment, hydraulic chamber settings, greatly improving the degree of automation.

Cone crusher working principle:

Cone crusher work, the motor through the V-belt, the host pulley, the drive shaft, a small bevel gear, a large bevel gear drive outside the copper rotation, the broken cone axis of rotation in the external rotation of the copper swing, making the broken wall surface Sometimes near and sometimes away from the rolling acetabular wall surface, so that the material in the fixed cone and moving cone ring crushing chamber continuously under the impact, squeezing and bending and broken. After repeated extrusion, impact and bending, the material crushed to the required size, the lower part of the discharge.

By adopting the special crushing chamber designed by the principle of intergranular lamination and the speed matched with it, the crushing ratio and output are remarkably increased, and the content of the finished product cube is greatly increased.

Using hydraulic protection, hydraulic chamber Qing, a high degree of automation. The machine in the case of iron and instant stuffy car, the hydraulic top, automatic nesting, eliminating the original spring cone crusher to be shut down for manual nesting troubles, make maintenance easier, the cost is more economical.

Hydraulic adjustment, thin oil lubrication, stable and reliable performance. And the use of an effective labyrinth seal to avoid the original spring cone crusher water and oil easy to mix defects.

People who understand the principle of mechanics will know how important it is to understand the schematic of the product among different types of products. We can often understand the entire structure of the product and its related operating rules through the relevant schematic diagram of the product, so that more Help us put some assistance to the product, let it play a greater role. Now on the market a wide range of sales and put into use among the different types of crusher, there is a most concerned about is also widely used, that is, cone crusher. What are some of the problems we can illustrate with the schematic diagram of the cone crusher? What kind of knowledge can we understand after these different types of explanations?

  • 1, working principle
  • In fact, the largest schematic diagram of the cone crusher is also the most obvious role for people to introduce a product running rules and its related operating principle. Not only can you better understand the essence of the product itself, but also allows you to understand how we can assist the operation of this product. In fact, when this cone crusher is put into use, its working principle is to create a certain degree of centrifugal force through different degrees of fixed-point swinging motion. So that the various materials within the operation at the same time by the centrifugal force, will be counterattack force to the center, the two forces against each other, so that different types of materials can be fully broken, to achieve a more uniform shape, so that in the later Use to be able to invest more help.

  • 2, product performance
  • After a certain degree of understanding of the schematic diagram of the cone crusher, we can also gradually discover the product performance of this crusher. Because in varying degrees the schematic will always be accompanied by a series of data, the data is the product of the correlation coefficient and a series of technical parameters, which will be able to gradually introduce us, how is the product of the most reasonable machine to run Way, how to use it is more suitable for it. Although many crusher on the market, but this cone crusher can be put into use after the hydraulic semi-automatic mode also has a manual mode, which can be switched gradually, allowing people to save more time also release the manpower.

  • 3, work advantage
  • When put into work, the schematic diagram of the cone crusher can tell us exactly how the various parts inside the product are distributed. This allows us to find out more quickly and efficiently the maintenance and repair of different types of crushers, making product maintenance easier and easier. We are able to quickly find the key hit, saving time and avoiding delays Set related work. It can be said that, with this professional nature of the schematics, many things can be solved. If you feel that you have purchased a crusher running a series of problems when you want to provide some assistance, we can also rely on the schematic to better understand how to help themselves is more reasonable and will not Cause damage

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